More panleukopenia in the community

More panleukopenia in the community

It seems like diseases run in cycles. We’ve had the summer of such serious eye infections, some burst. The summer of weird respiratory infections that no medicine would touch. It looks like this could be the summer of panleukopenia (aka cat parvo), but we really hope not.

In the late winter, we took in 7 panleukopenia kittens. Recently, we’ve taken in 4 cats from two properties. One (Tiger) died at the vet, one (Butterscotch was euthanized), and Zero and Peanut Butter are hanging on.

Zero (white) has neurologic issues currently. We don’t know if they will improve, we don’t know what caused them. Right now, she is eating and her health seems to be improving otherwise.

Peanut Butter is young and is not yet testing positive for parvo and our fingers are crossed he’ll stay negative.

Panleukopenia is preventable with standard vaccines. Once a cat is infected, there is no cure, and the mortality percentages are in the upper 90s. We can only offer supportive care in an effort to help them fight it off.

Meet Zero and Peanut Butter in the videos below. They are off-site in foster care because the shelter does not have the proper isolation facilities to keep everyone safe. As we continue to plan ahead for the organization’s sustainablility, facilities that safely and effectively support shelter operations are high on our list.

Tiger – RIP 💔
Butterscotch – RIP 💔
Peanut Butter and Zero
Zero eating

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