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Life in a shelter changes rapidly. We have new animals coming and going almost daily, sick animals get better (or don’t), healthy animals get sick (sometimes), stress brings out detrimental behaviors (often), and patience and care brings out trust and affection (we hope).

As a Lifesaver member, you become part of our team. A virtual Super Hero. You are in the trenches with us as we do our best to give every individual we are privileged to help the best outcome we possibly can.

When you join Lifesaver, you’re showing your love and commitment to the helpless, the voiceless, the innocents that have no other options. When you join Lifesaver, you get regular updates through videos, photos, and written posts we share exclusively with our Lifesaver members. You get an in-depth look at how your support is put to work to literally save lives.

Rescue is heartwarming and heartbreaking. Not every ending is a happy one, no matter how much we want it to be. We give 100% for every animal we care for, but sometimes that just isn’t enough. We live that reality every day. But with your help, we can increase our odds.

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If you love animals, want to join with a cause you can connect with, and want to support an organization with a heart as big as this virtual world, become a Lifesaver member now. Lifesaver membership is just $20 per month.