ONEONTA, NY — Super Heroes Humane Society (formerly Super Heroes in Ripped Jeans) has announced that it has been awarded $440,347 in funding through the Companion Animal Capital Fund grant administered by the NYS Department of Agriculture and Markets to begin renovation of its future shelter location on Pony Farm Road in Oneonta.

The humane society has long been preparing their new location, planning all the amenities that their prospective pets will need as they wait to meet their new families. With plenty of room for dogs to be walked and cats to relax, the new facility marks a milestone in Super Heroes’ mission to help local animals in need. Super Heroes also maintains various services for local pet owners, including a pet food pantry and free boarding in cases of abuse or owner hospitalization.

“Our total building renovation comes in at just about $1 million”, says Kristin Kulow, President of Super Heroes Humane Society. “We are truly honored to be a recipient of this grant and incredibly grateful to our legislators who have made companion animals a priority in New York State. These funds, along with the money we’ve raised so far with the community through our Super PAWSabilities Capital Campaign, allow us to actually begin turning our shell of a building into a warm, welcoming new shelter.”

The funds will be used for the first phase of renovations which prioritizes the animals by focusing on all the areas where they are cared for and housed. With this funding, Super Heroes proposes to build four communal cat rooms, a room housing cat condos, double-compartment dog kennels, a surgery suite, intake room, cat quarantine room, dog quarantine room, and a room for dog visits with potential adopters. Additionally, HVAC systems designed to meet animal shelter best practices will be installed.

This opportunity to begin construction on their future shelter home coincides with Super Heroes’ recent rebrand, which included a new website, logo, and marketing strategy. Super Heroes Humane Society hopes to increase the public awareness of their designation as an official, professional humane society, while still maintaining the grassroots origin story that brought the organization about in the first place.

Kristin added, “We need to raise an additional $40,000 immediately and then at least $400,000 to complete our project, which includes building additional key spaces such as our community room, reception, office, food prep and storage room, laundry and linen storage room, staff bathroom, and the 4 catios (the outside component to each of our communal cat rooms). It’s an expensive time to be building, but our design focuses on efficiently using the existing building footprint in a way that is functional and meets the needs of the animals. The new facility will mark a milestone in Super Heroes’ origin story!”

To learn more about the animals that are available for adoption, and all the other ways that you can help, visit Super Heroes Humane Society’s website at www.superheroeshs.org, or give them a call at (607) 441-3227.

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