ONEONTA, NY — Super Heroes in Ripped Jeans is officially announcing they are rebranding to Super Heroes Humane Society with a new logo and new website.

With this rebrand, Super Heroes Humane Society hopes to make it immediately clear to anyone that sees their name that they are an official, professional humane society, while still maintaining the grassroots origin story that brought the organization about in the first place. Super Heroes worked with Directive, a local IT and marketing company, who designed and developed the new website and logo.

“We’re all about lifting up local businesses, so helping out Super Heroes is really the perfect situation for us,” said Directive CEO Chris Chase, surrounded by his menagerie of three dogs and two cats (which were adopted from Super Heroes). “We’re all animal lovers here, so we’re really excited to help.”

In order to craft the humane society’s new marketing, the team at Directive put together a comprehensive strategy for Super Heroes Humane Society to follow. Directive worked closely with the humane society’s board to ensure that everyone involved was happy with the final result, as well as the prospect of using its new brand to represent the non-profit and its mission for years to come.

With a thoroughly grassroots origin story, Super Heroes Humane Society has made it their priority to maintain the values they started with—even as they have continually grown into something much bigger than imagined. Their maturity is represented in the new, highly professional website.

Super Heroes Humane Society will be able to more effectively spread the word about the great animals they have who are in need of loving homes. The rebrand coincides with the humane society’s growth; the organization has long been preparing for their new location and planning all the amenities that the animals may need. This project includes communal cat rooms, a room housing cat condos, double-compartment dog kennels, a surgery suite, and a room for dog visits with potential adopters. Super Heroes Humane Society is still looking to raise at least $475,000 to begin the first phase of the renovation.

“Working with Directive has been a fantastic experience. We feel so fortunate to have them on our side. They know our community, who we are, and what we are trying to accomplish. Their guidance has been spot on, they’ve been incredibly responsive, and we could not be happier with the end product!” says Kristin Kulow, President of Super Heroes Humane Society. She added, “We are still working hard to raise the additional $475,000 needed to get started on our renovation project. The new facility will mark a milestone in Super Heroes’ origin story!”

Find out more about Directive’s services for small businesses by visiting www.directive.com, or give them a call at 607-433-2200. Of course, the animal-loving IT and marketing firm would also appreciate it if you visited the Super Heroes Humane Society website as well at www.superheroeshs.org, or make an appointment to visit their new facility at 160 Pony Farm Road.

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